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Comprehensive Analytics are one of the earmarks of modern digital marketing. Unique perspectives on statistics and percentages set apart good marketers from great marketers. Analytics split into a few different categories within digital marketing.
Analytics are often used for determining monetary value. Almost all platforms used online have different analytics reporting engines. These platforms require constant number crunching to ensure you are generating revenue as efficiently as possible. The ability to analyze traffic from multiple channels, across several site visits is a skill most individuals do not master. Machine learning and AI are rapidly learning to process this interconnected data, as the computers continue to get "smarter"
Another category within analytics is conversion tracking. Setting specific metrics that create value is a difficult task for a computer, and training one requires next level mastery of mathematics and platform knowledge. Oftentimes, digital marketers will use a complex amalgamation of statistics to ascertain their real world conversions, and their associated values.
Digital analytics are not bound to these 2 use cases however, and comprehensive data analytics are becoming increasingly common throughout daily life. Tesla cars use real time analysis of cars to help power the local energy grid with the extra electricity stored in their batteries. Newer consumer electronics use power consumption analytics to control their power usage as well, based on inputs from their users and information they track about your use case.
You can look forward to more prevalent usage of analytics across the entire spectrum of the human experience, as we continue to evolve what is possible across the internet!
The Power Of Attribution Modeling
Johnathan McGuire

The Power Of Attribution Modeling

A Brief Overview Of A Complex Process There are a few other components of digital marketing that are less understood than Attribution Modeling. In this