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Marketing: A Top Level Approach

As long as there has been commerce, there has been marketing. The act of standing out from the crowd, and defining your brand/product is as old as time itself. While the vehicle has changed and evolved with the advent of the internet, the basic principles that garner the sector have remained consistent. In regards to traditional marketing and overlap into digital, there are several unique characteristics that we and our clients tend to focus on.

One of the most valuable components of marketing is measurability. In a traditional sense, companies tested/explored their ideas internally. With the accessibility of segmenting groups from audiences, we are now able to effectively A/B test different marketing ideas using real-world metrics to determine the most effective medium. This cuts back drastically on research time, and helps quickly assess good (or bad) marketing ideas. The ability to measure market performance gives companies a much faster turnaround time, and helps generate more revenue faster than ever before.

Another newer approach to the sector is viewing each channel separately. The internet allows you to more clearly source your audiences then ever before. Your audience on Google, Facebook, Email, or any other channel, is clearly expressed to their analytics platforms, allowing you to really dive in to what interactions and content types are generating your most valuable metrics.

There are lots of other tips and tricks we use when defining audience segments and other more complex factors, but the core principals always remain true: offer great services at a great price, and customers will follow.

Johnathan McGuire

Professionally Setup Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is Facebook's primary tool for marketing management. When you run ads that require specific conversion or audience targeting, business manager provides you with the tools to control your advertisings more complex components.

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