Jed Benoit - Operations Director, Web Developer
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Jed Benoit

Director of Operations, Website Designer & Developer

While somewhat nebulous as to where Jed is actually from, he is a dual Canadian/US citizen and has lived and worked in Canada, and the US, and has spent years in Mexico and Peru working with various NGOs and Christian ministries. Jed built his first website in 2004. He enjoyed the process of development so much that the rest of his career path encompassed website design and development.

Jed has 15+ years of experience in IT, web design, and development. He is proficient in both web and app architecture. Jed is highly experienced in project management, software, and analytics. He absolutely loves team building and coordinating skill sets with the GDM team. His passion with Giant Donut is to see customers get the absolute best service for their budget, and see businesses thrive through pairing Giant Donut's talent with business owners' visions.

Along with his wife and 4 kiddos, Jed enjoys spending time hanging out by Lake Coeur d'Alene and exploring the beautiful town and surrounding areas. Jed also loves traveling and experiencing different places and cultures. Jed is also fluent in Spanish. One more fact: Jed toured with a bunch of rock bands for a few years before settling down.