Olivia McGregor - Office Manager
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Olivia McGregor

Paid Advertising Specialist

Olivia is the office can-do gal. If you run an ad account with Giant Donut, she's working behind the scenes to set up your campaign, optimize your key words, and run reports. Olivia is a fast learner and admires the culture of the Giant Donut team. She has worn many hats since joining the team. The personal growth and work community values at Giant Donut is one of Olivia's favorite part about being a part of the team.

As a North Idaho native, Olivia places a strong importance on family, relationships, and community. For example, she exemplifies her values through her office work and making sure everyone is feeling their best and is ready to conquer their tasks. In her free time, you can find Olivia reading, baking treats, and stargazing.