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Giant Donut Marketing has a very specific model of engagement for new customers looking for digital marketing services. We only take on marketing clients that we believe we can strategically grow. Rather than simply selling a service, we craft a digital marketing strategy based on the revenue uplift we project for your company. If we don't think a service will make you money, we won't recommend it.
We track all relevant analytics to know what works and what doesn't and make recommendations based on real-world data. 
Once we take you through our process, we'll recommend a monthly plan to help you grow.

Looking to Market Your Business through Google Ads or other Digital Streams?


our process

01. Discovery & Implementation

All of our Marketing Plans Start with a Discovery Process
Our initial discovery phase includes an in-depth Website Audit and Alignment, Conversion Funnel Research, and Google Product Suite setup. We are planning for your company's success and will only recommend services we believe will directly benefit your long-term growth.

Website Audit

We will do a comprehensive audit of your current website and digital presence. This allows us to see any broken elements on your current website and address those issues. We will analyze your Google Analytics and track how site visitors are currently interacting with your website, and what needs to be improved/addressed with your current site activity.

Google Suite Setup/Alignment

For you to have a successful digital presence, your website must be properly set up on Google. This involves several different components of Google’s Suite of Software. We also track how consumers specifically navigate with your website which are called “events.” This shows us what “events” are driving conversion actions, and helps us figure out how to drive more of those interactions on your site.

Keyword Research

We identify which keywords are most important for people searching for your specific product and service. Knowing this information will help your business rank higher on Google, and bring more desirable traffic to your site.


Peachtree, Giant Donut's proprietary software is our magic sauce for tracking conversion and error events on your website. In this phase, we'll install and setup Peachtree on your site and let it tell us what's working and what's not.

Google Ads

In the "Discovery" phase, we can setup Google Ads and manage them for the first month. 
Next, we'll help you decide on the best monthly plan to make you a digital superstar with your business...

01. Discovery Overview

  • 30 - 40-day Discovery & Implementation Phase
  • In-depth Website Audit (before and after)
  • Google Product Suite Setup
  • Peachtree Setup & Support
  • Website Error Fixes, Updates and Recommendations*
  • Google Ads Setup
  • Strategy for Growth Stages
  • Content Development Strategy**

our process

02. Growth - Craft a Plan and Take Action.

Based on Discovery, we Craft a Plan and Take Action. Everything you Need and Nothing you Don't.
The long-term goal of Giant Donut is to help your business grow. This includes our long-term site maintenance plans, Google advertising expansion, and marketing engine development. One of our monthly marketing plans will help propel your business forward. Peachtree – our proprietary software partner – will continue to work hard for your website to strategically position your website with Google and optimize conversions.

Monthly Site Maintenance

When you have finally made it to the Growth phase, we put you on our Site Maintenance Plan. This monthly plan keeps your website up-to-date, SEO optimized, and Google compliant so that your online marketing engine can be continuously profitable and effective without spending a ton of money. We will track site issues every month, keeping your website aligned with Google and other search engines.

PPC Management / Google Ads Expansion

Once we have your conversions efficiently tracked with Peachtree, we can expand your advertising footprint onto more of Google’s searches, keeping your leads at a set cost per lead, and dynamically increasing their volume using Google’s own system. Depending on the amount of spend we manage in a month and the level of attention your campaigns need, we'll get you on a plan that is everything you need and nothing that you don't.

02. Growth Overview

  • Ongoing Strategy
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance (as needed)
  • Continued Content Development Strategy**
  • Peachtree Support
  • Ongoing Website Error Fixes and Recommendations
  • Basic/Enhanced/Professional Google Ads Management
  • Additional Advertising Mediums and Services
*Framework and plugin updates, basic content updates. New pages and development billed at an hourly rate.
**Actual content development billed on a per-piece or hourly rate.

what's next?

During the Growth Phase, customers will choose plans based on Giant Donut's recommendations. We have an Enhanced Site Maintenance plan as well as a variety of Google Ads Campaigns management plans. 

Everything you need and nothing you don't.

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