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Giant Donut Marketing Dual Channel Marketing provides the next step towards comprehensive online management. When you have set up and achieved an organic marketing plan, are generating positive reported ROI in your organic positions, and have maxed out the localized keyword blocks for traffic, you need to introduce paid advertising. Normally, most companies shy away from pay-per-click advertising due to the extensive costs and unsure expenditure of company dollars. At Giant Donut Marketing, we are obsessed with ensuring that you return positive ROI and this commitment extends to our paid advertising management. We create a symbiotic relationship between organic and paid positions and also start targeting your competitors’ key placements, moving market share to your site, and generating further revenue. We then meticulously track the effectiveness and the costs by following your customers’ site-entry point through to conversions. Dual channel marketing is designed to allow a “baby step” into paid advertising, informing you of in-depth market position reported through “Search Impression Share.” We then use the gleaned data to focus on more cost-effective organic keywords and terms that we know customers use to convert. We also utilize the increased budget to add more content, graphical elements, and strategically-created visual elements to start deeply engaging users with your brand. We also launch and maintain a complex remarketing strategy, typically generating an additional 20% revenue, simply for investing in complex conversional paths for your users. This allows us to track your potential customers cross-platform (from phone to computer or tablet) and ensure we don’t lose their focus due to a lack of marketing continuity. The increased level of engagement requires us to be in contact with you constantly. We’ll have monthly or weekly calls to follow up on valuable conversions and offer instructional help while developing your further online strategies.

Dual Channel Marketing

In-House Support

We respond within hours to emails, or minutes via text, to any needs you may have relating to your website.

Website Updates

Ensure your site is on the latest software version. Fix any broken elements and links upon updating.

PHP Updates

Ensure most optimal server-side compatibility with search engines and website code.

Google Product Suite

Ensure proper goal tracking, Search Console data consistency, On-page SEO settings, and preventative 404 broken link activity.

Plugin Updates

Check and maintain any plugins currently on your website. Ensure compatibility and proper function on a monthly basis.

Sumo.Com Toolset

Utilize the latest in conversion technology by with its list builder, popups, email, and social marketing engagement tools.

Site Health Reports

Once monthly or on-demand site health reporting.

Additional Services List:

Enhanced In-House Support

You can call or text whenever you need something and we’re here to help!

Google Engagement

We provide in-depth and detail-driven reporting of how users are reacting to the content and pages of your website.

Mobile Engagement

We ensure your mobile users have best possible conversional funnels through your website.

Future Channel Development

We heavily invest in time and resources to ensure our clients take advantage of the latest technological opportunities. This includes one-on-one consultations with Google, Facebook, and other platform employees on the latest acquisition theories and the best ways to obtain more revenue.

Positional Tracking

We track the 25-100 most influential keywords that your site organically ranks for to ensure customers find you at the top of search results that generate conversions for your business. This data is reported on a monthly basis in SEMrush.

Competitor Tracking

We track your closest competitors’ organic position development to ensure they don’t capture valuable organic market share without content intensive online practices.

Monthly Content (2 Hours+)

We create unique and targeted content every month with the goal of increasing organic page ranking on our target conversional keywords.

SEMrush Account Tracking

We set up your account profile in SEMrush to track organic, paid, social, and backlink account data.

Asana Project Management

We report, filter, and engage with you via our project management software Asana. This gives you more control over the direction of your content development and site expansion. We filter all our projects, files, and communications through the platform to track our progress throughout the development process.

In Depth Analytics

We spend additional time tracking user experience on your website to maintain low bounce rates with high levels of engagement. Through heat mapping, we actively track clicks and content to find potential problem areas on your website that would lead to a decrease in conversions.

Pay Per Click Management

We equalize spend across multiple PPC platforms (Google, Bing, Yahoo Gemini, etc.) to find additional search impressions and conversion value not available with just Google’s software channels.

Cross Device Reporting

We ensure our engaged users convert across multiple different channels and devices to find true conversion value cost basis between devices. This helps better attribute conversion value across multiple platforms and helps us make better revenue-based decisions.

View-Through Conversional Data

We track user engagement ratios with our ads, so even if they don’t click, we still know if they convert.

Display Network Targeting

We extend our marketing dollars into audience specific display network advertising. This generates additional revenue in remarketing and provides access to over 10 billion weekly impressions that extend our possible conversions even further.

Personalized Experience-Driven Training

We will, in person, explain all of our different channels, platforms, and statistics so you can better make fully informed marketing decisions about the direction of our revenue growth. This will allow you to be more closely involved with the marketing creation and better equip you for your future growth.

Wordstream Platform Analytics

Wordstream provides limited machine learning automation that allows us to dedicate more time to account research and development, rather than negative keyword management, bid strategy development, and device adjusted bids. Utilizing the platform allows us to dedicate 2-8 more hours per month to ROI focused tasks.

Opteo Platform Analytics

Opteo provides an automation platform that helps compare conversional ad creative with competitors and higher converting keyword blocks. This saves research time and allows us to further build out campaign performance, rather than waste time on automated creative development. Utilizing the platform allows us to dedicate 4 more hours per month to ROI focused tasks.

Hootsuite, Social Remarketing, And Engagement

Hootsuite allows multi-social channel scheduling, reporting, and engagement and allows us to focus our remarketing efforts on generating additional revenue.

Personal Online Business Development

You will work directly with our team, ensuring you understand each different marketing milestone, so you know how our campaign, revenue, and conversions are developing.

Daily Account Optimizations

We optimize campaigns on-demand while keeping your conversions and ROI in mind on a daily basis. This intense level of management helps minimize lost spend and maintain your margins and budget constraints. We are typically able to reduce wasted spend around 10% per month with daily monitoring.

Developmental Research Support

Oftentimes, client specific questions arise that require intense and time-consuming research. We will find out the answer to complex and campaign-specific questions to inform you of both your future, and immediate, marketing campaign needs.

Daily Channel Marketing

We check each of our channels (especially relative to spend) multiple times daily to catch any problems or wasted spend immediately and keep us more closely aligned with ROI.

Constant Tech Support

We are available on a practically immediate basis to answer questions, fix campaign problems, or adapt to newer platforms and services.

Comprehensive Backlink Development

We reach out to DA defined influencers in your target marketing and exchange information and links to better build our backlink profile. Our typical clients add 20% organic rankings, slowly depreciating over time.

On Demand Campaign Reporting

On request, we will research campaign specifics to find each conversion, bounce rate, or engagement. This will help you (and us) better tune our campaign performance and answer business relevant questions promptly.

CRM Implementation And Management

We’ve found that long-term market growth requires careful attention to acquired customers. We will help implement a CRM that engages previous visitors with new sales opportunities to ensure that they will purchase from you in the future. This typically provides a 20% year over year boost to revenue.

Email Channel Development

While a long-term strategy entails a specific dedication to email marketing, we ensure all the tools aligned with Remarketing are working efficiently within the channel. Email Remarketing typically returns 8% revenue growth on a quarterly basis.

Multisite Marketing Development

When dealing with search channel diffusion (searchers looking for information instead of purchases) the best solution is maintaining and developing an information-based website. We build, maintain, and target visitors pre-conversion to our informational website. Providing additional search value to our primary ecommerce site and dedicated consumer information value. Running an informational website typically increases BOTH sites’ traffic by 15-80% and provides conversional referral traffic.

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