Search Engine Optimization

There is a lot of confusion about what constitutes SEO, and how it can improve your business revenue. At Giant Donut Marketing, we follow a very linear digital marketing progression with regards to SEO. The first step is your initial Site Alignment. When we first launch a website, we need to define the most important parts of your website, the actions necessary to complete a conversion, and the basic “outline” of your site keywords. Once we have these basics in place, we then inject additional content onto your website that helps better target those keywords and improve our page ranking. This success is reported on our SEO Position reports, and helps us tie your revenue growth to your increased online exposure. Each Google Re-index (the process of downloading your website into the Google server farms) we dynamically change ranking for keywords we are targeting, also getting differential rankings for a whole host of additional keywords. We then repeat this process until we stop dynamically adding additional keywords and/or rankings. At this point in Search Engine Content Development, we can stop the process, simply make sure and maintain Google compliance (the strict ruleset search engines require sites to adhere to), or introduce paid advertising models and channels. This is our basic philosophy for Search Engine Optimization and how we help our business partners develop their digital marketing strategy!

The SEO Process


Step One: Initial Site Alignment

The most important part of launching a new site is the Initial Site Alignment. During this step, we take the site from the its original unoptimized state, and bring it to full google compliance. The first site audit shows all the problems with a website (errors) that must be corrected for proper site indexing. Warnings are soon to be enacted changes, or other “best practices” that help searchers with a better customer experience. Notices are changes the platform sees as potentially negative that are not yet part of Google’s disclosed ranking parameters. After fixing the initial errors, and setting up our conversion goals, we then process the changes, and wait for the increases in traffic, rankings, and conversions.

Step Two: Organic Content Development

After the initial site alignment and search engine compliance check, we are able to start developing additional content for your website. The first grouping of keywords reported in Google Search Console provides an operational baseline, and we inject additional content onto pages that rank poorly, don’t have traffic, or need starting content. Depending on the size of the website this process can take weeks (10 page or less website) to years (2500+ page sites) as we bring the site closer to compliance and provide Google more content to ingest. This dynamically improves our keyword position rankings, conversions, and revenue. We are also able to see a plateau as Google sends the most optimal traffic to our website and our clickthrough rates and conversions improve.

Step Three: Keyword Optimization

The last step in our Search Engine Optimization workflow is keyword optimization. At this point, our website will be fully Google compliant, and our organic keyword rankings will be improving dynamically. Google then starts sending explorational traffic to your website (keywords you haven’t ranked for in the past) and gauging the effectiveness of your site’s conversions. This allows us to focus on new segments of your market, and different demographical groupings of potential customers. This will dynamically improve your revenue (ecommerce) or leads (service based businesses). We repeat this process and grow your website (and presence) systematically then track the percentile growth of revenue as we increase our marketing exposure. (Click the below images to expand)

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Where Do I Go From Here?

Basic Site Maintenance

We start tracking organic keywords and their interactions with your website with very sophisticated software.

Enhanced Site Maintenance

We fix common site errors and provide guidance for more sophisticated website content development.

Site Content Development

We start actively positioning your website for the most effective keywords, increasing rankings, visibility and conversions.

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