Marketing Services

In-House Support

We respond within hours to emails, or minutes via text, to any needs you may have relating to your website.

Website Updates

Ensure your site is on the latest software version. Fix any broken elements and links upon updating.

PHP Updates

Ensure most optimal server-side compatibility with search engines and website code.

Google Product Suite

Ensure proper goal tracking, Search Console data consistency, On-page SEO settings, and preventative 404 broken link activity.

Plugin Updates

Check and maintain any plugins currently on your website. Ensure compatibility and proper function on a monthly basis.

Sumo.Com Toolset

Utilize the latest in conversion technology by with its list builder, popups, email, and social marketing engagement tools.

Site Health Reports

Once monthly or on-demand site health reporting.

Basic Site Maintenance

Giant Donut Marketing Basic Site Maintenance Package provides an entry level internet solution for small, local businesses. We understand that purchasing & maintaining a full-service website is an expensive proposition. You also trust your website to represent your products and services online. Keeping your website fully Google Compliant is time-consuming and requires constant research, monitoring, and technical expertise. This requires careful attention to detail, and in person monitoring. At Giant Donut Marketing, we offer basic site maintenance for businesses that need to ensure their reputation is protected, while not necessary maintaining competitive organic or paid positions. This allows you to keep your site in google compliance without the need to engage in more competitive marketing tactics. Our Basic Site Maintenance package includes several valuable services listed below! We look forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait to get started! Please Note: Basic Site Maintenance is our opening level pricing tier and is intended to help businesses expand their marketing reach online. If you need more comprehensive site maintenance, please see one of our more in-depth marketing packages!

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