Marketing Services

Enhanced Site Maintenance

249 Per Month

Giant Donut Marketing Enhanced Site Maintenance helps small business owners take control of their websites. We have found (as a small business ourselves) that the step between a full-fledged online marketing strategy and overwhelming acquisition cost is very narrow. With smaller margins and uncertainty of online marketing viability, it makes it very difficult to invest in a complex web strategy. Our Enhanced Site Maintenance plan is designed with these companies in mind. We will help you focus your marketing efforts into the most cost-effective strategy possible with a monthly curated content piece and improving organic positional reporting. We will also provide guidance into possible future marketing efforts with innovative reporting strategies through Google Analytics. This plan is intended to introduce you to our system of marketing and help provide the transition towards paid or more labor-intensive organic positioning development.

In-House Support

We respond within hours to emails, or minutes via text, to any needs you may have relating to your website.

Website Updates

Ensure your site is on the latest software version. Fix any broken elements and links upon updating.

PHP Updates

Ensure most optimal server-side compatibility with search engines and website code.

Google Product Suite

Ensure proper goal tracking, Search Console data consistency, On-page SEO settings, and preventative 404 broken link activity.

Plugin Updates

Check and maintain any plugins currently on your website. Ensure compatibility and proper function on a monthly basis.

Sumo.Com Toolset

Utilize the latest in conversion technology by with its list builder, popups, email, and social marketing engagement tools.

Site Health Reports

Once monthly or on-demand site health reporting.

Additional Services List:

Google Engagement

We provide in-depth and detail-driven reporting of how users are reacting to the content and pages of your website.

Mobile Engagement

We ensure your mobile users have best possible conversional funnels through your website.

Positional Reporting

We report the 25-50 most influential keywords that your site is organically ranking for to keep you informed of your website’s visibility.

Competitor Reporting

We follow your competitors’ organic position development, ensuring they don’t capture valuable organic market share without content-intensive online practices.

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