Google GROW

Giant Donut Marketing's Google Grow is our starter plan for bringing your website to the top of organic search results. This SEO plan builds your website's digital presence via high Google rankings and Lead Driving practices. We focus on your website's efficiency through careful site fixes, Google alignments, in-depth research, and expert data and analytics collection. The three steps of the Google Grow plan include a Discovery Phase, Implementation Phase, and Growth Phase.

Your Marketing, Clarified.

At Giant Donut Marketing we believe in total transparency. For this reason, we've developed an outline of our process so there are never secrets. All that is left is efficient marketing practices. This is how we believe business should be done.

Phase 1: Discovery

Our discovery phase prepares your website for optimal digital performance. This phase covers in-depth website analysis, alignment, conversion funnel research, PeachTree implementation, and Google Product Suite connection. This phase will set your website up to appear in searches plus promote positive Google rankings.

Website Audit

An in-house SEO specialist performs a comprehensive audit of your existing website. This website audit allows our team to identify any broken elements, triggers, plugin updates, and content changes. Our site audit is essential to improving your organic rankings and make any necessary changes. For SEO compliancy, your website must meet the standards of what search engines recognize. Our team will crawl each of your pages to find anything that needs fixing. 

Google Compatibility 

 Our SEO specialists will properly set up and align your website with Google, so it appears in relevant searches. We utilize Google's suite of available software to determine keywords, track goals, and connect all the important Google properties together. We find out which website events are driving conversions, and determine how to drive more of those interactions.

PeachTree Analytics

Peachtree is our house developed analytics software that effectively analyzes website conversions, and allows us to see how users are specifically navigating through your website. This method enables the reporting of highly effective goal data to your Google Analytics platform. Efficient reporting to Google is proven to enhance website efficiency, allowing for increased site traffic and leads. As a result of this software, clients have experienced a revenue uplift of 15-30%.

Phase 2: Implementation

The Implementation phase is when we start to define your digital presence. Our SEO specialist carefully researches to determine positive and negative keywords your site ranks for. We then track your goal conversions to narrow down your digital marketing action plan.

Keyword Research

Our team conducts an in-depth analysis to identify your positive and negative ranking keywords. Newfound data is then used to make adjustments to your plan. An expert will then make recommendations accordingly to help you reach increased organic rankings.

PeachTree Goal Tracking

The Peachtree software has a strong focus on privacy. It anonymously tracks interactions made on your website. This unique software provides insight like never before, and privately stores the data collected.  

Once populated with data, Peachtree can identify your websites top twenty goal conversions. Peachtree will then report those top twenty goals to Google Analytics, which boosts your online rankings.

Marketing Action Plan

By the end of the Implementation phase, our team has all the pieces in place to make your digital presence successful. We've incorporated all our love and care, and now it's time to determine how to maintain long term digital growth for your business. 

Just like a plant, your website needs continuous attention to maintain a prosperous life. Having an effective monthly digital marketing plan with Giant Donut Marketing will put you in good hands for your best growth. 

Phase 3: GROW

The long-term goal of the Google Grow  plan is to continuously build your business with effective digital marketing.  For that to happen, we work with you to decide which of our monthly plans is best suited for your particular business. We administer various services that best suit your needs.

After the Discovery and Implementation phases, we will put your website onto one of our monthly plans to maintain your business's growth.

Monthly Site Maintenance

Giant Donut Marketing's Site Maintenance is our monthly Search Engine Optimized management plan. Monthly Site Maintenance sustains your digital presence to ensure your website is up to date and continuously performing organically on Google and other engines.  

Marketing Strategy Consultations 

Many of our clients' see their business rapidly scaling. During this growth and development, we offer Marketing Strategy Consultations to answer any of your marketing questions and make any digital recommendations for your most profitable online strategy.

PPC/Google Ads

Our Pay Per Click and Google Ads plans are a fast way to generate your business additional leads and revenue within a week of setup. We recommend this plan to our clients who want to quickly rank at the top of search results to bring in more sales or conversions. Our in-house digital marketing team will be able to estimate your Google Ads spend range and your ROI per month.

Are you Ready to Grow your Business?

 We can help. Request a complimentary site audit. An expert will have your site inspected and present you with an audit report at no cost. No strings attached, only clarity.
Giant Donut Marketing, LLC is not endorsed by or in association with Google and or Alphabet Inc.
We do not guarantee results, but do promise to be honest and transparent about our predictions when on-boarding you as a client. If we do not believe a service of ours will benefit your business, we will not offer it.