Website Alignment

GDM's Site Alignment builds a website's overall presence and rankings by effectively aligning the site to meet Google and Search Engine standards. The three steps include an SEO Site Alignment, Professional Google Setup, and regular Site Maintenance

Search Engine Clarity

This plan is designed to help businesses reach optimal website health, improve search rankings, and increase conversion rates.  Our team clarifies exactly what is negatively impacting your current website, and crafts a tailored plan to address the site's issues, which leads to increased digital performance. 

Phase 1: SEO Site Alignment

During the Site Alignment phase, the GDM team performs in-depth website analysis. This phase includes the initial Website Audit and defining any plugin, theme, and caching issues.  Websites that have not been properly maintained or not updated regularly need a variety of issues discovered before making any fixes. 

Website Audit

An in-house SEO specialist performs a comprehensive website audit.  This audit identifies any broken elements, triggers, plugin updates, caching issues, and noncompliant content. The site audit is essential to improving a website's organic rankings and determining any necessary site changes. For SEO compliancy, your website must meet the standards of what Google and other search engines require. GDM uses expert software to crawl each site page to find site errors. 

Site Alignment

Once the Website Audit is complete, the site goes through an SEO Site Alignment process. During the alignment process, the GDM team researches current plugins, updates, theme configuration, security risks, outdated protocols, caching issues, and any other site impacting errors. Our specialists address and fix any of the broken elements, errors, and updates. The Site Alignment process begins the process of improving the health of your website.

SEO Testing

After making changes to the backend of a website, a second Site Audit will be done. This Site Audit shows what has improved and if there are any additional changes or updates to be made. Each Site Audit determines the index-ability of a website based on it's technical SEO characteristics.


Phase 2: Professional Google Setup 

The Professional Google Setup phase connects all relevant Google Properties that benefit a website's Google search rankings. Having Google Analytics and Google Search Console properly  setup  and connected allows for Google crawlers to positively recognize a website and attribute higher search rankings to that site. 

Google Analytics

Proper Google Analytics Setup and Configuration helps to track important information and statistics on a website. Google Analytics gives access to tracking sources of site traffic, visitor demographics, page popularity, bounce rates, and historical site data. This information gives extremely beneficial information to site owners and marketers because it allows for continuous improvement on future digital strategies.   

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console platform helps optimize websites for search rankings. Search Console gives insight to what keywords a site ranks for, site link connections, crawl errors, and Google penalties. Properly setting up Google Search Console includes verifying  ownership, claiming all tracked versions of a site's URL, and uploading the best expression of the site's XML Sitemap

Platform Testing

Once Google Analytics and Search Console platforms are properly setup and linked together, the GDM team monitors the site several times for two to three weeks. During this monitoring, GDM verifies site traffic flow, conversion interactions, and organic keyword rankings. 


Phase 3: Site Maintenance

The Final Phase of the Website Alignment is Site Maintenance. Site Maintenance is a monthly plan to maintain your site health, SEO, and organic Google rankings. This keeps your site from accumulating any broken elements, and ensures the GDM team will perform the needed monthly updates and site fixes. Monthly Site Maintenance keeps your site effective and in relevant searches.


On the monthly Site Maintenance plan, our team does regular website check-ins throughout the month to make sure sites are continuously up-to-date and on the latest version of their related software. This includes monthly Plugin updates, PHP Updates, and any other relevant site updates. Doing updates benefits the website's health which provides effective search engine optimization.  

Google Compliance

Google Compliance is important because it ensures that a site is meeting all of Google's requirements for when it crawls a website. Crawling determines what pages exist on the site, and indexes them to determine what each specific page is about. Google will analyze site content, images, videos, and any other site components that explain the website. Proper Google compliancy gives websites higher search rankings due to Google's determination of what sites have the best user experience. 

Performance Audits

Each month GDM runs monthly website audits using expert site auditing software. These audits will alert any keyword ranking changes, position ranking changes, warnings, errors, broken elements, or broken triggers. Websites must be audited to identify what issues accumulate over time. Our team audits site's before an after any fixes to determine site health. 

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