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PPC & Google Ads 

 Google Ad Campaigns quickly bring new clients to your website, increase conversions, drive revenue, and create brand awareness. Giant Donut Marketing's team of experts use Google Advertising to bring businesses to the next level. With extensive experience in using Google to grow various companies, we know every step to make a website a high-traffic, revenue-driving machine.  

Rank At The Top

Paid Advertising plans push your website to the top of search results. We set realistic and data driven goals to buy keywords that will drive your business optimal conversions. Our team puts extensive research in determining what what terms drive revenue and leads to your website. 
Ads Setup

 Google Ads Setup


Google Ads/PPC Setup is the first step to our monthly PPC Management Plans. Our Google Ads experts will set up your Google Ads account and other Google properties, such as Google Analytics. We use a special house developed analytics software called Peachtree to determine your most effective keywords. This software enables your ads to have a more efficient performance on Google. 


Upon your Google Setup, our team will begin managing your PPC campaign. We will research positive ranking keywords, and remove any negative ranking words or terms from your campaign. Throughout our management, we will be able to predict your monthly ad spend and give you accurate insight inside your estimated ROI per month. 

Google Properties

Our team will properly setup your Google Ads account and other Google platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Suite. Having all of the necessary Google products connected is essential to success on Google Ads. The better Google recognizes your business, the more revenue your paid advertising will generate.


Peachtree is our in house developed conversion analytics software. This software tracks every event on your website and determines your top twenty converting events. Knowing these conversions allows our team to report the data as Goals to Google Analytics. Using our software is extremely unique to Giant Donut Marketing. The software drastically increases your conversion efficiency, bringing in more website traffic and leads. Peachtree typically increases your website conversion events and revenue by 15-30%. Long story short: you want more revenue, you want Peachtree. 
Monthly Service

 Standard PPC Plan

$250/month + Ad Spend

After your PPC Setup, we will provide a monthly PPC Management Plan. In the Standard PPC Plan, our team of experts will set realistic and data-driven goals for your Google Ads campaign and manage all your ranking keywords. This means we can define exactly where your business is going, and what goals you want to achieve with your Ad Spend budget.


Our team of digital marketing experts will do in-depth research of your positive and negative ranking keywords. We then will make adjustments and recommendations for things to change on your site so it organically aligns to certain searches.

Keyword Research

Our team will continuously perform keyword research to determine what searches are generating conversions on your website. Finding the correct words and terms is critical to driving potential clients to your business. We will bring your site to the top of search results for your top keywords.


Using our Peachtree software, we will continue to track your website conversions and report your most effective conversions to Google. Peachtree is constantly learning about your site, and what works and what doesn't. Knowing the data Peachtree provides will continue to benefit your rankings and relevant leads that are landing on your site. 
Monthly Service

 Advanced PPC Plan  


As your business grows, so will your Ad Spend. For clients who are largely increasing their spend dollars, our team will need to spend additional time managing and maintaining your account. Our team will put extra hours into managing your ranking keywords and driving additional revenue from a larger Ads campaign. 

Advanced Management

As your PPC campaign grows, our team will give your plan extra attention and care. Your business will be growing, and proper maintenance and support will be needed for continuous success.

Increased Spend Budget

Once your business has seen an influx in revenue from your Standard PPC plan, you will want to increase your spend budget to further drive additional revenue. We take careful steps when increasing your spend budget, to ensure your ads are generating a positive return on investment. 

Great Success!

Increased spend may sound scary, but it's not! To keep growing your business via Google, you must also increase your spend dollars. We are experts in managing Google Ads accounts, and your ROI is in our best interest. Our team has grown countless small businesses into multi-million dollar companies. We set realistic goals, and if we can tell your company is headed in that direction, Giant Donut Marketing will work to get you there. 

Interested in Launching PPC For Your Business?

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