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PPC & Google Ads 

  Google Ad Campaigns bring websites to the top of search results. This marketing strategy is one of the quickest ways to gain new clients, increase conversion rates, drive revenue, and create brand awareness. GDM's team uses the full Google Product Suite to bring our clients to the next level. With extensive experience in using Google to grow companies, we know every step to make a website a high-traffic, revenue-driving machine.  

Rank At The Top

GDM sets realistic goals for each client, and performs thorough research to find the keywords that drive site conversions. Our team puts extensive analysis into determining what what terms drive revenue and interactions. 
Ads Setup

 Google Ads Setup


GDM's Professional Google Ads Setup includes the setup and connection of the following properties: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Ads.  Having these main Google properties linked together allows for accurate data and analytics reporting. Our team will be able to see how customers are navigating through a website, what elements drive conversions, and how to use that knowledge to continuously improve each Google Ads Strategy. 


On the Google Ads Setup Plan, the first month of campaign management is included. Our Google Ads Team will research positive ranking keywords, and eliminate any negative impacting terms from your campaign. Having professional Ads Management ensures your marketing campaign is effectively generating your business positive revenue.

Google Properties

The connection of Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console enables the most effective data collection and reporting for Paid Advertising Campaigns. Having these three products linked together provides more context to website data, and allows deeper understanding to an Ad Campaign's efficiency. With our professional setup, Google is more likely to notice your website and re-index it regularly. Frequent indexing by Google improves a website's search results.

PeachTree Analytics

Peachtree is a conversion analytics software that the GDM team uses to understand a website's overall efficiency. The software tracks every event that occurs on a website, and reports the top twenty most effective conversion events. Knowing these conversions allows our team to report the data as Goals to Google Analytics. The software drastically increases conversion efficiency, bringing in more website traffic and leads. 

Monthly Service

 Standard PPC Management

$250/month + Ad Spend

The Standard PPC Plan is a monthly management plan for Google Ads Campaigns that have ad spends of $1,500 or less per month. The GDM team will perform regular research on keyword performance, and analyze data reported. This allows optimized  Google Ad targeting and spend management.   

Professional Google Ads Management not only brings in new customers through paid advertising, it also benefits a website's overall Search Engine Optimization and Organic Google Rankings. 


Monthly PPC Plans manage campaign  keywords, spend budget, and Google optimization. Adwords Optimization is not a one time project. Google Ad Campaign's must be constantly maintained for effective results. The GDM team performs the necessary steps to ensure Ad efficiency, targeting, and optimization. 

Keyword Research

Keyword selection is one of the most critical components of paid advertising campaigns. Constant filtering and analysis of keywords is critical to a fine-tuned Google Ads campaign. Negative keywords will be documented to prevent your ads from showing up for irrelevant searches. The process of addressing both positive and negative keywords will narrow the targeting of campaigns, and advertise to customers that are likely to convert.   

Peachtree Analytics

Using the Peachtree software, GDM will continuously track websites' conversions and report the top most effective events to Google. This reporting assists with the effectiveness of Google Ads  as well as organic search results. Peachtree's data gives helpful insight to making all aspects of digital marketing as effective as possible. 
Monthly Service

 Advanced PPC Management  


Advanced PPC Management Plans are for businesses that have spend over $1,500 per month. Typically, these businesses are those that service a large group of consumers or have high-dollar clientele. Larger spend budgets require additional time for researching and maintaining campaigns. 

Advanced Management

The Advanced Management plan provides extra time into management of larger spend budget campaigns. With a higher spend budget, proper research needs to be put into positive and negative ranking keywords. GDM's Ad's managers analyze the data collected from the linkage of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Ads. This information helps to constantly refine a campaign's target audience through keyword pruning and optimization.  

ROI Focus

For larger spend campaigns, the GDM team focuses more on a campaign's return on investment instead of the cost. Ad Campaigns are successful when a business is receiving more than it's investing. GDM's team manages each client's Ad campaign with a major focus on ROI so that there is a healthy profit to each paid advertising campaign.  

Great Success!

 Increased spend may sound scary, but it's not! Giant Donut Marketing's team are experts in managing Google Ads campaigns, and each client's ROI is in our best interest. The GDM team has grown countless small businesses through paid advertising management. The internet is a powerful place to advertise, and having a qualified marketing company can make a world of difference to a business's digital success. 

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