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Google Ads Setup

GDM’s Professional Google Ads Setup includes the setup and connection of the following properties: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, and a custom analytics software called Peachtree. Having these main Google properties and Peachtree linked together allows for accurate data and analytics reporting. GDM’s setup and management of Google Advertising generates businesses more conversions, leads, and brand awareness.

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Google Properties

The connection of Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Search Console enables insightful data collection and reporting for each paid advertising campaign. Having these properties linked together provides more context to site data and brings a deeper understanding to an Ad Campaign’s efficiency. With our professional setup, Google crawlers are more likely to notice a website and index it regularly.


On the Google Ads Setup Plan, the first month of ad campaign management is included. Our Google Ads team will research positive ranking keywords, and remove any negative impacting words or terms. Professional management ensures a campaign is efficiently running and generating ample website conversions.

Analytics Software

Peachtree Analytics is a conversion analytics software that the GDM team uses to understand a website’s overall efficiency. It tracks each event that occurs on a website, and then reports the top twenty most powerful conversions as goals to Google. Using Peachtree drastically increases conversion efficiency by accurate reporting to Google which then brings in more website traffic and leads.

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We are Google Partners and stay on the cutting edge of everything Google has to offer. We are your experts when it comes to setting you up with Google Ads. All Google Ads setups include the first month of ads management.


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