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Website Alignment

Our Website Alignments enhance a website’s overall search presence by effectively meeting requirements put in place by Google and other search engines.

Website Alignments improve search rankings and increase conversion rates. Our team identifies what is negatively impacting a website and creates a plan to address issues.

A Website Alignment ultimately leads to substantially improved digital performance. This is a must if you’re considering future digital marketing efforts.

What’s Included

Site Audit

An in-house Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist performs a comprehensive website audit. This audit identifies any broken elements, triggers, plugin updates, caching issues, and noncompliant content.

Fix Site Errors

With our site alignment process, we resolve any site errors that occur so you don’t have to. We will fix broken links, redirects, other errors and warnings from the site audit.

Update Site

We ensure that the software on your site is up to date on the most current version (WordPress, etc.) and that any themes are updated. We’ll also ensure you’re on a recent version of PHP and that any other core software is up to date.

Update or Replace Plugins

When our in-house specialist performs maintenance on a website, they ensure that all plugins are updated to keep your site in top condition. We will update or replace plugins as needed to make sure they function optimally.

Google Analytics Setup

A team member will provide you with a Professional Google Setup which connects all relevant Google Properties that benefit a website’s Google search rankings. Having Google Analytics and Google Search Console properly set up and connected allows for Google crawlers to positively recognize a website and attribute higher search rankings to that site.

Google Search Console Setup

The Google Search Console platform helps optimize websites for search rankings. Search Console gives insight to what keywords a site ranks for, site link connections, crawl errors, and Google penalties. Properly setting up Google Search Console includes verifying ownership, claiming all tracked versions of a site’s URL, and uploading the best expression of the site’s XML Sitemap.

What’s Next?

Once Google Analytics and Search Console platforms are properly set up and linked together, the GDM team monitors the site several times for two to three weeks. During this monitoring, GDM verifies site traffic flow, conversion interactions, and organic keyword rankings.

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