Aaron Bazinet - Web Developer

Meet the Team

Aaron Bazinet

Website Designer & Developer, Email Campaigner

Aaron attended the International Fine Arts College in Miami, FL, where he majored in Graphic Design. In 2007, Aaron learned website design on his own by reading design books and blogs. He was only making websites for fun until he felt confident enough to make a career out of it. He’s been in the web industry for over ten years, and absolutely loves it.

At Giant Donut Marketing, Aaron designs and builds websites and email campaigns. His favorite part about working at GDM is creating sites that not only look great and work well, but also make a huge difference for businesses and organizations. Whether they’re an individual, organization, or business, having a website and an online presence is not a minor detail – it’s paramount. Aaron knows how difficult starting a business website can be, and he is determined to make the experience easier for each of GDM’s clients.

When Aaron isn’t working, he loves spending time with his wife Vanessa, daughter Airi, and son Jack. His interest in art and music encompasses not only his work, but also his hobbies. He is an enthusiast of movies and everything that goes into them – the entertainment, the art, the history, and the behind-the-scenes aspects such as digital effects and design. Occasionally, he will find some time to pick up his guitar and strum some tunes.