Continuous Performance

Site Management

Site Management is a monthly management plan that keeps websites continuously ranking in searches by using search engine optimization and Google compliance practices. Sites must be regularly managed, updated, and maintained to have an effective digital presence.

A member of our experienced team will log in to your site at minimum once a month to update plugins, themes, and core files — fixing any incompatibilities and ensuring your site continues to perform as it should. We test contact forms, execute emergency fixes when needed, and give our monthly management clients up to an hour of development work each month.

What’s Included

Ongoing Plugin Updates

Our in-house specialist ensures that all plugins are updated monthly to keep your site functioning optimally. We will replace plugins if needed and resolve conflicts as technology changes.

Theme and Core Updates

We ensure that core platform files are up-to-date (WordPress, etc.) and that themes are kept current whenever possible. Updates keep your site secure and ensure maximum compatibility with plugins.

Monthly Site Audits

We run monthly scans on your site to ensure that we’re in compliance with Google and that there are no concerning site load issues or other things that might affect your rankings or accessibility.

Site Fixes / Troubleshooting

Occasionally things break on your site. We’ll fix broken components and troubleshoot issues to keep your site looking good and functioning as it should. Monthly audits also help us identify broken links and other issues that we’ll fix.

Contact Form Testing and Fixes

Contact forms are not guaranteed to continuously work. With various updates and server configuration changes, forms can stop working at any time without notice. We ensure that your customers can reach you.

Spam Filtering

We provide a license for spam filtering for all our monthly customers. We’ll work to implement additional measures as needed to help keep you as spam-free as possible.

Fully Managed Hosting / SSL

Our monthly plans include fully-managed economy hosting as well as an SSL (security) certificate. We keep basic backups of your site to get you back up and running again should your site ever become corrupted.

Phone and Email Support

We like to make sure our monthly customers are well taken care of. We offer priority phone and email support to get you taken care of as quickly as possible. Most simple requests are turned around within 24 hours.

1 Hour of Development Monthly

Have some minor updates to your site or need a new product added to your eCommerce store? All our monthly customers get an hour of development time included if needed. Additional hours are billed at a reduced rate from non-monthly customers.

Peachtree Analytics

We add Peachtree Analytics to all our monthly customer’s sites. Anonymous tracking by Peachtree records valuable information about your site’s conversions, making current or future advertising efforts extremely valuable.

Professional Services

When you need additional marketing services, a website rebuild, or even print design, we can help highlight your brand. As a monthly customer, you enjoy our discounted hourly rates and free basic consults for services.

Ready to Get Started?

Our monthly management customers benefit from having a full-stack marketing team keeping them looking good month after month!


(For non-eCommerce sites)

Compare Plan Details

Monthly Site Management Customers Non-Management Customers
Ongoing Site & Plugin Updates Included $85/hr
Site Fixes / Troubleshooting Included $85/hr
SEO / Google Fixes & Compliance Included $85/hr
Site Audits Included $85/hr
Contact Form Testing Included $85/hr
Spam Filtering Included $10/mo
Web Design / Development Up to 1 hour of web/design no carry-overs; additional hours billed at $75/hr $85/hr
Phone and Email Support Priority (counted against monthly allotted hours) $85/hr
Priority Support Most simple requests turned around same day or within 24 hours when possible Quality support, but priority given to existing customers
Fully-Managed Hosting Included (some features or advanced hosting may be extra) $150/yr (economy hosting)
SSL Certificate (DV) Included Included with hosting plan
Peachtree Analytics Included $99/mo
Hourly Work $75/hr $85/hr

Let us keep your website tip-top!

Is Your Website Performing for Your Business?

For a fraction of the cost of hiring a full or part-time web developer, our Site Management plan essentially gives you access to our full staff to keep your site up and running when you need it most. We have dedicated site developers, an SEO specialist, and Marketing Director – all in house!