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Giant Donut Marketing
Giant Donut Marketing

Johnathan McGuire

Strategy, SEO, SEM, Analytics, PPC, Sales, Donut Lover.

The Donutmaster

The Donutmaster oversees the day-to-day operations at Giant Donut Marketing.

With a strong background in sales & analytics, he makes sure everything keeps moving towards the future.

Jayson Allen

Jayson Allen

SEO, Analytics, PPC, Development, Strategy.

The Whiz

Jayson is a genius. Do we use the term too loosely? Maybe, maybe not.

Either way, his technical & developmental prowess powers our most Google-intensive work here at GDM.

Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & beyond

The Socializer

Robert is our social guru, taming the beast we both love and fear – Facebook – along with Twitter, Instagram and other platforms you may or may not have heard of, dreaming up creative concepts for campaigns.

He’s also our in-house video creative go-to and develops web sites.

Jed Benoit - Giant Donut Marketing

Jed Benoit

SEO, Content Management and Strategy, Project Management, Web Development

The Organizer

Jed loves talking strategy and creating workflow with clients for improved SEO through content and web development.

Jed is also a seasoned WordPress developer and email campaigner.

What Do You Guys Really Do?

  • We get it. Running your business is a full-time job. Then you’ve got the family, the housework, the cat etc. At Giant Donut Marketing, we are less concerned with what form our job takes than how it makes your time and effort more effective. While our core model involves online lead generation, we are careful to stay adaptable to our clients’ needs. Need that EDDM mailer to go out in three days & don’t have a graphic designer? Don’t worry, you have the GDM team and that’s all you need.

  • We hate disappointing people. Like REALLY, REALLY, hate it. One of the ways we ensure success is by carefully considering our clients’ needs and goals. We are often faced with business owners who haven’t yet developed their dreams or goals! It is really easy to get into the thick of being self-employed and miss the important details in between. We think one of the most important steps in business development is considering what you (the owner) want to accomplish. We’ll help you figure it out, and go from there.

  • Often overlooked is the art of collaboration. With our extensive library of relationships, we push our clients’ brands throughout our marketing channels. If you are wondering how to scale rapidly for pennies, you’ve found the right team! Not only does The Donutmaster never let us spend any money, but he is also obsessed with protecting our clients’ money. This “fully healthy” obsession helps us provide industry-leading ROI across multiple sales channels. With comprehensive data analytics & GDM at the ready, we make your marketing a team effort.

  • We know how to party. For real, like we are THE team to take out on the boat for a good time. When you love your job, life, & success, it doesn’t take much to get excited. Our natural gravitation towards successful platforms ensures many great meetings between us and our clients. We can’t wait to help build your success!

  • Your an established online business, looking to go to the next level. Giant Donut Marketing is here for you with our full channel management solution.

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