Effective Marketing & Design


SEO: Site Alignment

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing overall quality, visibility, and traffic of a website or web page. The Site Alignment Plan is Giant Donut Marketing's SEO strategy plan for driving the digital growth of a business.   

Site Alignment is designed to help each business reach optimal website health, search engine optimization, and Google compliancy. This process takes websites through three different phases to make any search impacting site fixes, plug-in updates, Google connections, and other changes to get a website organically ranking in searches.  

There are many components to a successful online business presence. GDM's team of digital marketers are experts in delivering what businesses need to succeed online. Check out the Site Alignment page for more details on this plan and process.   

Google Ads & PPC

Google Advertising is one of the best ways to capture a market. Pay Per Click Ads allow businesses to buy keywords and terms in exchange for their website to rank at the top of searches. Ranking at the top of Google searches brings an influx of site visitors, which leads to more conversions and increased revenue.

GDM's Paid Advertising plans combine our team's knowledge of the Google Product Suite with a custom analytics software called Peachtree. Peachtree Analytics anonymously collects user session data on a website and reports the top converting actions to Google Analytics. We combine Peachtree, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Search Console to create the ultimate digital marketing strategy.  

Using Google as an advertising tool brings businesses more traffic, leads, conversions, brand awareness, and revenue. 

Website Development & Design

The team of designers at Giant Donut Marketing are committed to encompassing each business's brand and identity. With each build, we put extra attention to creating a meaningful experience for anyone who lands on your site. 

Our development process starts with an analysis of the current brand and what you want to achieve from a website build. We then work closely with you to design a site that meets your business's needs. 

Upon completion of each website we make sure that you're set up to be Google compliant and SEO ready. Having these components included enables businesses to organically rank in searches and prepares them for a monthly digital marketing plan. 

SEO: Site Maintenance

Giant Donut Marketing's Monthly Site Maintenance plan allows you to delegate the digital maintenance of your website to our experts. Continuous search engine optimization and Google compliance involves monthly management to ensure websites are continuously appearing in searches. 

On the Site Maintenance plan, your website will be kept up-to-date, search engine optimized, and Google compliant. On this plan our team updates plugins, makes continuous fixes, and maintains Google compliancy. These components will allow us to ensure you maintain your best organic rankings on Google.

In addition, we are here to help you make the minor changes to your website - like swapping out text and images, changing operating hours.* With Giant Donut Marketing's Monthly Site Maintenance plan, you're covered when the need for changes arise.

The Monthly Site Maintenance plan is an affordable, effective way of maintaining your online presence so you can focus on what matters most - your business.