AJ Shamsuddin

Meet the Team

AJ Shamsuddin

Programmer, Application Developer

AJ has been an incredible asset to the GDM team since 2021. Working in multiple capacities with our team, AJ tackles custom programming for customer applications and websites, manages and updates websites on a monthly basis and works on custom projects and fixes that come up each month.

AJ also manages our Google integrations, including GA4, Google Console setup, and custom integrations for various tracking pixels, analytics, and other connected apps.

Living and working remotely in Cochin, India, AJ can dive into issues we encounter at the end of our work day to help cover our base of operations almost 24 hours a day, then meet with us virtually on a regular basis to maintain that team cohesiveness that we value here at Giant Donut Marketing.

Over the past decade AJ has been developing applications using Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Custom PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails, a majority of which are deployed over the web and are rendered cross-browser compatible.