Johnathan McGuire - Marketing Director, CEO

Meet the Team

Johnathan McGuire

Donutmaster, Digital Marketing Director

Johnathan McGuire grew up in various parts of Idaho and Montana and attended college at a small university in Florida. His interest in technology and problem solving is what led to Giant Donut Marketing’s inception and also his co-founding of an analytics reporting software called Peachtree.

Johnathan had a dream of owning a business that would give clients complete transparency and value. He found his calling when he made a friend’s local business into a national e-commerce store by learning everything SEO and Google. This led to expanding his network enough to launch a full-service marketing agency.

As a leader, Johnathan is dedicated to focusing on providing value for all of GDM’s clients, clarifying what is happening with their websites, and determining what actions need to be done. The detail, complexity, and quick changing environment of the internet is what interests him most about digital marketing, and he is always staying one step ahead of current trends.

As a lover of art and music, Johnathan enjoys supporting creativity in the local Coeur d’Alene community. In his free time, Johnathan likes spending time with his daughter Aria, crafting, painting, playing the piano, and exploring the outdoors.