SEO Marketing

 Site Maintenance

Giant Donut Marketing's Site Maintenance is a monthly management plan that keeps your website continuously up-to-date, Search Engine Optimized, and organically ranking on Google. Websites need to be consistently managed to carry on their optimal digital performance. We offer an affordable and effective plan to maintain your website's digital presence.

Organic Marketing

Organic Digital Marketing refers to maintaining a website that is continuously Google compliant and SEO efficient. Monthly site maintenance allows your website to rank in searches without relying on any paid marketing. This process allows your business to naturally acquire customers. The Site Maintenance plan drives long term growth of your digital marketing.

Monthly Site Maintenance

$250 A MONTH

Giant Donut Marketing's Monthly Site Maintenance plan manages your organic SEO and Google rankings. This plan will ultimately provide more authentic customer engagement, and build a strong website presence through proper Google practices, site fixes, and monthly updates. We incorporate this monthly plan after the Google GROW plan.

SEO & Google Maintenance

One of our SEO specialists periodically performs site audits to maintain your search rankings and Google compliance. We use our in-house developed software, Peachtree, to track how people are navigating through your website. Peachtree will track your top 20 most effective goals and report them to Google Analytics. Having this reporting will benefit your organic rankings substantially.

Website Fixes & Minor Changes

Websites start to accumulate broken elements, external links, errors, and general warnings without proper maintenance. Our site maintenance plan allows experts to keep an eye on your website, so these issues don't add up, and so you don't have to. Without proper upkeep, your organic rankings and SEO will continue to decrease. Engaging our monthly site maintenance plan will protect you from having to make more expensive site fixes in the future.

Plug-In & Platform Updates

Search Engine Optimized websites involve a variety of third party plugins. These plugins will need to be compatible with the most recent version of the platform that your site is built on. If your plugins are not updated regularly, your website won't be on the latest platform version which could potentially cause your site to break! On our site maintenance plan, an expert will perform regular plugin updates to ensure your site is continuously up to date.

Is Your Website Performing for Your Business?

 We can help. Request a complimentary website audit. An expert will have your site inspected and present you with an audit report, including characteristics hurting your rankings, at no cost. No strings attached, only clarity.
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We do not guarantee results, but do promise to be honest and transparent about our predictions when on-boarding you as a client. If we do not believe a service of ours will benefit your business, we will not offer it.