SEO Marketing

 Site Maintenance

 Site Maintenance is a monthly management plan that keeps websites continuously ranking in searches by using search engine optimization and Google compliance practices. Sites must be regularly managed, updated, and maintained to have an effective digital presence. 

Organic Rankings

Search Results can be categorized as: organic or paid. Organic search rankings depend on a website's relevance to the search term and the individual searching. Google and other search engines determine how to rank a website by crawling and indexing each website page. Some factors that determine how well a website ranks include: load time, understandable content,  professional images, SEO practices, and updated site software and plugins.

Site Maintenance

$250 A MONTH

Site Maintenance manages a site's search engine optimization and Google rankings. This plan builds a strong website presence through Google practices, site fixes, and monthly updates. Websites that rank in Google searches consistently bring in more leads and customers. 


An SEO specialist periodically performs website checks to monitor search rankings and Google compliance. This includes monthly Plugin updates, PHP Updates, and other relevant site updates or fixes. This also includes any standard fixes to broken site elements that can be caused by regular updates. These updates and changes benefit a websites' health, which provides effective rankings and search engine optimization.

Google Compliance

Google is constantly crawling and indexing websites to determine site compliance and relevancy. Google will analyze site content, images, videos, and other site components that explain the purpose of the website. With Site Maintenance, a GDM Google expert will make sure websites meet requirements. This ensures the site continues to rank  on the most widely used search engine.

Performance Audits

Regular site audits will be performed each month. These audits alert of any keyword changes, position rank changes, warnings, errors, broken elements, or broken triggers. Websites must be audited to identify what issues accumulate over time. Our team audits site's before and after any fixes to determine site health.

Is Your Website Performing for Your Business?

 We can help. Request a complimentary website audit. An expert will have your site inspected and present you with an audit report, including characteristics hurting your rankings, at no cost. No strings attached, only clarity.
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