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Dental Professional Case Study


  • Doubled Organic Traffic With Takeover from Professional Industry Marketing Team
  • Helped Practice Hit YoY goals beyond their expectations
  • Aquire over 80% of possible clients in our target regions monthly and yearly


The client initially approached Giant Donut Marketing with the desire to launch Google Ads. Their current company hadn’t been able to effectively help them position their company as the local leader, albeit a newer office. With excellent staff and a 3rd Generation Doctor, their revenue expectations were not being met by their existing team.

During this same time period, the client had the opportunity to buy out another dentist office, supplying a steady stream of new clients for a period of several months. They wanted to ensure those customers found their website effectively and were interested in doubling their growth rate from referrals and digital marketing.

We were able to successfully help them launch on paid advertising with a set cost per acquisition that made it possible for the practice to profitably scale their enterprise. The intake of new clients allowed them to hire several assistants, and revise their first-year company outlook very positively.

With a longer-term focus on their website’s organic positions, and dominance of their paid search rankings, they will be able to look forward to explosive growth into the near future.

Action Plan:

1. Launch Google Ads

Our first action for this client was to set up their Google Advertising Account. Focusing on high-value searches, and localized advertising near to their location, the proximity bidding allowed us to scale up the advertising very efficiently. Once we had obtained an affordable localized Cost per acquisition, we increased the range and amount of keyword purchasing drastically. This created a directly inverse relationship between the leads generated and the region we were targeting. A larger targeted region, while more expensive, allows the practice to control their amount of customer intake on a large scale, and gives ample time for Onboarding of new employees.

2. Organic Position Development

Once effectively utilizing their paid search space, the practice was able to focus on redeveloping their website. Initially, set up by a large marketing firm designed for dentists, the site architecture was dated and have severely limited site speeds. We were able to redevelop the website onto WordPress, create engaging content, and achieve over 100% more clicks in the first month, with a sustained 15-30% growth month over month for several quarters. This increase to their organic rankings allowed the practice to identify the necessary cap on their advertising spend, clearly illustrating the conversion values of the additional channel.

Moving forward, they continue to develop additional SEO value pertaining to their cyclical conversions from both organic and paid channels.

3. Additional Social Engagement

An active social media feed allows the practice to connect with people onto the social media space, helping define more multi-channel funnels, and increasing their overall conversions as well. Utilizing three channels of advertising helps the brand better connect with their target audiences, decreasing their cost per acquisition, standard attrition rates, and generating more revenue.

The practice is growing in line with their best case expectations. After their buyout of the other office book of business, we have been able to sustain their customer growth expectations with the other forms of advertising. This growth is in tandem with their excellent customer service and attention to detail, resulting in tons of positive reviews, and referral traffic for their local office. They will have no problem with profitably in the near future, and are currently setting even higher revenue targets for themselves as part of their success!