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Branding & Identity: A Donut-y Perspective

Branding and identity are extremely important components of digital marketing in today’s super competitive outlook. Brands need to connect with consumers and be memorable in numerous different ways. In a time where people are constantly exposed to new content, and are a quick search away from access to everything, your brand needs to stand out and grasp hold of the audiences attention.

When we approach a branding position, we consider several different factors at the onset: this includes visualization (colors, vectors, style), current branding assets (logo, older files, color palette), and customer focused research.

In the visualization component of branding, we have our customers express their vision to us for their brand. This includes why they founded the company, their current customer-base associations, as well as their targeted market for the new brand definition.

A review of current branding assets allows us to clearly picture what our client has used in the past, and align that with their new vision. This gives us many elements to combine when developing their new brand package.

The last component of research is customer alignment. We ensure that the new branding assets will connect with our targeted demographic efficiently and clearly, helping accomplish our goals from the onset!

Brand Identity is a characteristic larger companies use to gauge their brand power. Research into identity typically includes research into their existing brand’s sales channels (website, social media, print media, etc.) to ascertain how the brand is currently performing. Some complex analysis of user verticals often allows us to change visual choices, colors, or fonts, that then increase our “stickiness” across the entire customer spectrum.

Whether you are looking for a simple logo design, or a comprehensive brand audit, Giant Donut is here for you with all your branding & identity needs!