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Category: Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development: An Overview

We approach website design and development from a very structured approach. The process typically breaks down into a few phases, including initial discovery, development timelines, and the launch process.

We start each website build with a clearly defined scope of work. Within our scope of work is a break down of expectations, client needs, timelines, and costs. As part of the quote process, we will identify concerns and changes relating to your current website (skipped if we’re building a new site), necessary branding elements, as well as a brief audience targeting overview. Once we issue the scope, ensuring we meet all your expectations and needs within the documentation, we submit the proposal for review to our developers. This ensures we didn’t miss a complex component of the site, and the developers are able to complete the site within our specified timelines. Once we have the quote accepted and the deposit made, we add the website development project to our queue!

After completion of the development process, we put each of our websites through the Google GROW plan. This ensures that your site is fully SEO and search engine compliant post-launch. This phase includes interfacing with our in-house SEO expert, professional installation on the Google Product Suite, and a two week testing phase. During this testing phase, we closely monitor Google’s traffic testing on the site, ensuring that we are ranking for the right keywords, tracking our conversions effectively and (if you had a site previously) your site is increasing in relevance and ranking.

We have had great success with clearly following our process guidelines, and our clients success shows it! If you’re looking for a great agency to focus on your needs for a new website, look no further!