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eCommerce Retailer Case Study


  1. 100%+ Year over Year Growth since launch
  2. Profitable expansion across Google’s entire product suite
  3. Long term growth strategy implementation


“Customer” initially approached Giant Donut Marketing to launch their Google-based advertising. They were currently selling on Amazon and eBay and had just launched their own sales channel. With limited success from several PPC and SEO companies, they hadn’t been able to create any market penetration from their existing strategies.

Once engaged, GDM formulated a comprehensive action plan for acquiring customers at scale profitably. This plan included uniquely creating new Organic Keyword Space with targeted product brand traffic, Full attribution cycle marketing development, Full Google ads launch (Search, Display, Shopping), and campaign oversight.

This customer has developed from pre-revenue site launch to one of the largest stores in their sales vertical.

Action Plan:

1. Out Of Product Brand Keyword Development

Our first action strategy (branded organic traffic) included creating unique listings for out of production products. We build the keyword positions to support product sales for companies that were no longer in business, fulfilling a need for Google to effectively convert those customers. By selling a replacement product on our store, we were effectively able to claim the brand traffic for those out of Business companies. This attributed a 30% uplift to our first YOY statistics. We expanded this keyword footprint to additional product types while expanding brand coverage leading to an additional 30% uplift in the following year. This year, we have launched websites to fully capture pre-purchase keywords for those products, ensuring a larger overall pool of Google’s search impression share.

We have stabilized our ranking organic keywords across the entire spectrum of the branded product we carry, and we continue to acquire more sales revenue from this in-depth channel management. Organic Revenue makes up about 30% of our overall revenue and has continued to grow each year regardless of Google’s monetization strategy for the search engine. 

2. Full Attribution Cycle Tracking & Development

Within the last three years, Google has opened its analytics tools to include attribution cycling of conversions. From inception, we have utilized these tools to define which conversion events are the most effective and at which point of the attribution chain. By defining the events along the cycle, we found the best converting search keywords and used our remarketing audiences to push aggressive shopping advertising. This increased our overall conversion rate by 15% and helped drastically cut spending.

This also increased our overall conversion rate dynamically, by helping us create more effective conversion cycles throughout all our Google channels of marketing.

We continue to very carefully ascertain our best start and end cycle advertising mediums, ensuring our conversion rate stays extremely high. This gives us more revenue, and share of our vertical’s impression share, saving time and money in the sector.

3. Dedicated Paid Advertising Account Management

With over 50 campaigns and six figures in spend per year, we have instituted millions of campaign changes to this PPC account. Using our profitably established ROA’s we have tested over 50 different bid architectures, 15 different negative keyword list techniques, and fully add rotation testing, keeping our account profitable since inception.

Our dedication to paid management has allowed “company” to grow over 50% per year profitably in the last 3 years. On top of our other channel development (social, organic, email, etc.) this has lent to a top-level company growth rate over 100% each year. Having carefully established as one of the most dominant advertisers in the vertical, we are able to use our full domination of Google search results to launch new products, product types, and keyword rankings by identifying the most valuable digital real estate available. We continue to push the envelope of what is currently possible with full Google Product Suite usage.


With sustained years-long growth, effective paid advertising management, and systematically defined ROAS governing our strategies, we have grown from a small business launching a website to the second largest store in the vertical. This revenue growth has allowed our advertising to take a much larger role in our growth as an entity and provides strict controls on our longer-term ROI strategies. By using very detailed CPA (cost per action) management, we are able to control our profit margin variably and maintain and grow our online digital presence.