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Professional Services Case Study


  1. Explosive 300% First year, then 150% second-year growth since launch.
  2. Complete domination of entire regions rankings
  3. Long term profitable acquisition strategy


This client in the professional services industry originally approached Giant Donut Marketing due to lack of performance from their other marketing companies. Utilizing paid google search, television, and print advertising, they were unimpressed with the results from each different channel.

We approached them with a wide-reaching digital strategy that would provide immediate value in their vertical. In addition, we painted a large reaching geographical marketing plan that would facilitate the opening of several offices regionally to take competitive market share over the entire county.

The client was willing to allow us to experiment with some cutting edge growth techniques and authorized a significant paid budget. Over the next several months, we helped increase their customer acquisitions by such a large margin that they were limited only by their ability to onboard additional staff to handle the workflow. This acquisition continued and accelerated as we expanded the footprint of our digital advertising from one region to the entire county. Over the first year, this acquisition funded the rapid expansion of the Business from a one employee operation, to a 10+ employee firm within the space of a year. They continue to implement this growth strategy and have successfully opened three other locations within the county, effectively capturing a huge amount of the local market.

Action Plan:

1. Launch Paid Advertising

Initially, the customer had invested in several different marketing mediums with little success. We reallocated the funds into Google paid search, immediately putting the dollars to work in customer acquisition. By focusing on his personal area of expertise, we were able to monopolize an entire region of search results. Expanding this initial footprint into more varied service offerings allowed more employee on-boarding as the work proportionally increased with our online spending. Several months later, we were buying over 70% of the available online search impression share, increasing the leads into the firm by hundreds of percents.

2. Additional Digital Location Launches

Prior to the opening of physical locations, we built several new websites to capture specific regions of the county. This geographical targeting allowed us to increase conversions from hyper-localized advertising. This dropped our overall cost per acquisition and increased our ability to convert customers of other areas, by giving them a more local option for our services.

3. Physical Location Openings

In the following months, the client was able to open several retail branches, expanding on the digital successes of the past. These physical locations generated additional foot traffic and word-of-mouth conversions, allowing them to be immediately profitable. This further dropped our cost per acquisition and increased the overall company revenue. This also allowed to spread our risk profile across a much more varied region, allowing for very aggressive tactics of marketing penetration.


Now one of the largest firms in the region, they have been able to dynamically grow their revenue as well as service offerings. This has enabled the firm to focus on capturing much higher value customers and offering very diverse services. They continue to dominate their market region and offer excellent services to all their clients.