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Retail Store Launch Case Study


  1. Successfully launched a six+ figure retail store in under a year with digital advertising.
  2. Highly effective conversion tracking allowed them to immediately displace their competitors.
  3. The expansion has allowed for planning another store location opening.


We were approached by a retail store in the Jewelry vertical about digital advertising. They didn’t have a specific strategy in mind and we’re looking for the best source of immediate ROI. We immediately launched them on the GDM Grow Plan and Google PPC with a focus on Google Maps advertising. The results are a rapidly growing retail presence with goals for immediate expansion.

This growth primarily achieved through PPC has allowed their other channels (social media, organic, referral) to grow much more rapidly than using no paid mediums. They are already looking to open additional locations, based on the success of their first retail store.

Action Plan:

1. Starting with our very own “Grow” plan

Immediately upon setup of the customer’s account, we went to work developing the Google compliance of their website. Although built on a framework less effective for SEO, we were able to carefully place their site on the search engine with a narrow amount of competition. The keyword rankings we initially pushed for included people looking for the service components of their business, rather than the product sales. This SEO focus allowed us to define the sector (and our conversions) very effectively for the search engine, immediately returning ROI on the site development. This development (and launching PPC within the same timeframe) helped increase traffic from all sources by more than 200%.

2. Google Maps & Google Ads Synchronous Launch

Within the same week, as the initial site “Grow” completion, we set up and launched their paid advertising channels. With no competition for Google Maps ads, we were able to very rapidly acquire customers via the channel. This lead source, combined with our Search advertising, immediately helped their retail store achieve profitability. We expect to see well over 100% year-over-year statistics as well, with a static website development budget.


While still in the first year of business, Giant Donut Marketing’s “Grow” plan and careful PPC spend management has allowed their retail store to double their first year revenue goal at a set cost basis. This allows their location to identify other advertising avenues to invest in their long term growth in tandem with their digital marketing strategy.